Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Our Trinitarian Journey

From 1876 to Present

Trinity A.M.E. Church began as a prayer and praise group at the home of Mrs. Axie Bryant on Gammon Avenue in South Atlanta, Georgia. 

For several years Mrs. Bryant served as the only Stewardess. The exact date of the formal organization of Trinity A.M.E. Church is unknown.  However, the observed year of establishment is 1876. In the early years, many great ministers were appointed to pastor Trinity A.M.E. Church. Each pastor provided dynamic leadership and contributed to the making of a great Trinity.

    October of 1967, Rev. Preston Williams became the 27th pastor of Trinity A.M.E. Church. Exhibiting dynamic leadership with a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to the mission of the church, Rev. Williams lead the congregation to purchase our present edifice and open the Trinity A.M.E. Day Care and Early Learning Center.

    Rev. S. W. Wicker became Trinity’s 28th pastor, and under his leadership Trinity’s membership and the number of church organizations grew. During Rev. Wicker’s tenure Trinity’s Day Care Center was greatly improved and became fully certified.

    Dr. A. J. Richardson became Trinity’s 29th pastor. During his tenure three choirs and two usher boards were organized, additional property was acquired, and over three hundred new members joined the church.

    In 1979, Trinity was blessed by the spectacular leadership of Rev. G. S. Hardeman, who was the son of a former pastor of Trinity A.M.E. Church. Rev. Hardeman redesigned the Sunday Nursery, appointed a Junior Pastor, organized a Junior Church Choir named “The Ellis Ensemble,” and established a Board of Directors for Trinity’s Day Care Center. Fire doors and two furnaces were installed in the Center, new carpeting and a Communion Room were installed in the sanctuary, and graveled parking spaces were made available for worshipers.

    June of 1982, Rev. Morrie L. Hood was appointed to pastor Trinity A.M.E. Church. Under Rev. Hood's leadership, the Young Adult Choir and the Young People’s Department were reorganized and numerous church renovations and augmentation were accomplished.

    July of 1983, Rev. T. Leander Mency became Trinity’s 35th pastor, where he served until his demise in March of 1988. Under Rev. Mency’s leadership, new choir robes for the Adult, Young Adult, and Children's Choirs were purchased, the first Commodore computer was purchased for Trinity’s Day Care Center, the church mortgage of seventeen years was liquidated, more than fifty new members joined the church, the upstairs education rooms were remodeled, and the parking area was completed.

    Rev. Dr. Jeffery B. Cooper was the 36th of Trinity A.M.E. Church. Dr. Cooper was appointed to Trinity in June of 1988 and served Trinity’s congregation and the Southwest Atlanta, Georgia community for 23 years. Under Dr. Cooper’s visionary leadership, Trinity A.M.E. Church’s membership has increased, the entire church edifice has been completely renovated and remodeled, a pre-kindergarten program has been developed and instituted, and an educational annex was erected in 2000.

    The 37th pastor of Trinity was Rev. Vandy Carl Simmons. Rev. Simmons and his wife, Dr. Bonita Morrow Simmons were assigned to Trinity by Presiding Prelate Preston W. Williams, II in October 2012. 

    In October 2016, the 38th and first female Pastor to be assigned to Trinity was Rev. Conitras M. Houston.  Under Pastor C's, as she is affectionately called, tenure over 20 new members established a relationship with God and Trinity in her first 6 months.  The average weekly attendance in Sunday Service, as well as Wednesday afternoon and evening Bible Study has increased significantly.  Improvements to the Church’s edifice include:  the addition of television monitors in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, addition and improvements of the main audio system within the Sanctuary, installation and implementing of financial giving kiosk and other electronic methods of giving, recreating new church logo as well as revised church mission statement.  Within the Trinity AME Early Learning Center, more staff training has been emphasized as well as improvements to parent communication methods and much more.  

In November of 2021, Bishop Reginald T. Jackson appointed the Reverend Shawn D. Drains as the 39th Pastor of Trinity A.M.E. Church.